Gobuzzr show cases in AGNIi – “Accelerating Growth Of New India’s Innovations” Web Page

Gobuzzr, an innovative project of IoT implemented mainly for the monitoring of health conditions and weight of the hives, which is communicated through the smart phone application. Along with it, the other factors such as the humid condition, temperature and the weight of the produced honey can also be tracked easily without any complications. The main aim of the project is to save the bees in an enormous condition and enhance honey productivity.

Our professionals are also working on the futuristic advancement integrated with the FFT algorithm. It has an unexpected reach and earned a highly privileged reputation all over the world. Enhancement of smart farming to reach its next level, our reliable system gives a great helping hand in all senses. The project has been successful in different plethora and we are happy to inform you that it has been selected for the AGNII program, a body of government of India.