Why Bees are Important

Bees are essential creatures as they pollinate food crops. They play an important role in the preservation of healthy ecosystems. Apart from food production, they enormously contribute to the enhancement of landscapes. Through beekeeping, one can earn an endurable living. It is our foremost responsibility to protect bees and other pollinators.


Of the food we eat is pollinated by Honey Bees


Types of Crops are pollinated by Honey Bees


Million Metric Tons of Honey is made every year


Million is contributed to the Economy

If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would only have four years left to live.

-Albert Einstein


Why Gobuzzr

Gobuzzr is a Smart Beehive Monitoring System that uses IoT technology allowing the beekeepers to preserve the honey, hives, and colonies even when they are far away.By acquiring our device, you can examine the conditions of the beehive and communicate through the mobile app.Gobuzzr monitors the weight of the beehive, temperature, and humidity with the aid of integrated sensors.



Enhance productivity

The Growers take care of the honey bee cultivation business and use hive-related equipment seamlessly.

Smooth dealing with farmers

The Growers acquire information about bees, join with the local farmers and learn about the honey bee farming process.



Manage the hives

The Apiarists are involved in the activities of raising queen bees, inspecting the health of bees & and organizing colonies for the production stage.

Open the hives only when necessary

Routinely, the apiarists examine the hives to make sure that honeybees are in good health condition.

Gobuzzr Features

Gobuzzr provides a scalable and robust solution and keeps you informed about the real-time information of the bee workers.


Accumulation of statistical data

Our device collects statistical data like weight, temperature and humidity, and sends it to apiarists. Finally, they approach beehives for honey collection.


Proficient tracking

We can easily track the humidity, temperature, and analyze the reasons for sudden hive deaths.


Reduction of transportation cost

The beekeepers need not travel unnecessarily as our smart device sends all the updated information in the form of notifications.


Instant alert

Our Smart beehive monitoring app sends instant alerts to the beekeepers if there is any change in weight, temperature, or humidity conditions.

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Business Revenue Model

Farmers and landowners can generate income with zero effort. Owning an apiary not only compliments and amplifies the pollination of crops, but also individuals can earn without hassle. GoBuzzr does it all.

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Smart Setup

Gobuzzr is an IoT-based Smart Beehive Monitoring System that provides a one-stop solution for Growers and beekeepers. The sensors are integrated with the Beehive monitoring device and monitor different parameters like weight, temperature, humidity, etc. If there is any declination in the honeybee count or sudden changes in the weight, temperature, and humidity conditions instant notifications will be sent to the apiarists through our Smart app.

Gobuzzr App
Gobuzzr App
Gobuzzr Device
Gobuzzr IoT



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Enhanced User Interface

Our exclusive app provides a streamlined experience for everyone. Our UI is simple, exceptional, responsive & user-friendly & navigation takes place seamlessly. We have developed the UI in a unique manner working smoothly for the different cross platforms.

In the News

Gobuzzr has earned top-notch credits and prominent reputations among several press and media. We are honored to be one of the top 30 companies selected by NASSCOM. Still, to date, we are updated with modernized trends and technologies. It is just a trial path of achievement and more to go on with the global level!!


We have won many prestigious awards in different categories that witness our hardwork and dedication. We feel proud of our achievements which is a sign of success. Our reputation and fame speak more value. We do not fail to help our customers to grow their businesses and earn more profit.

Recent Installation

Gobuzzr for Bee enthusiasts

2 node devices have been installed to capture the weight, temperature and humidity of the hive controlled by 1 Master Device at a Mango farm.

  • Location
  • duration
    Jan 2021
  • industry
    Power operated
  • The dashboard is provided in both the App and the Web with visualizations of the weight of honey collected as a graph every day.
  • Reducing the time and effort to monitor the hives.
  • Stats of harvest date and inspection using the app.

Gobuzzr for Farmers

Installation is done for Tamil Nadu Rural Development to support the people of the locality.

Automated 3 hives with 3 Node devices to capture the weight, temperature and humidity of those hives and the data is transmitted to the cloud via a Master Device.

  • Location
  • duration
    June 2021
  • industry
    Power operated
  • The dashboard is provided in both the App and the Web with visualizations of graph weight every day

Gobuzzr for Students

2 node devices have been installed to capture the weight, temperature and humidity of the hive controlled by 1 Master Device.

At Zoology Research Department 2 Hives has been automated to benefit students in the study of Bee harvest and business.

  • Location
    VHNSN College
  • duration
    Dec 2022
  • industry
    Battery Operated
  • App and Web dashboards have been provided for the students to have a track record of honey collected in the hive.
  • App has supported the students to record their Inspection notes.
  • Feed for bees is also being tracked in the app.
  • The web dashboard has provided an eagle’s eye view for the Research department
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