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Nowadays, the honeybee population started to diminish due to several factors like CCD, forest fire, swarming, climatic conditions, etc. Generally, the Smart Beehive Monitoring system makes use of trendier IoT technology allows the apiarists to preserve the honey, hives & respective colonies even when they are far away. There are multiple challenges faced by the designers while building the IoT concerning electronic devices. This gigantic device is used to control the complete beehive environment in an automatic manner. Here, the sensors are integrated with the Beehive monitoring device which is used to monitor the different parameters like temperature, humidity, intended weight, etc.

One of the conventional methods in the world is the practice of beekeeping. People have been developing various techniques to yield honey in a better & comfortable way. Due to developments apiarist depend on modern gadgets for their hives; now with IOT into the scene surveillance has become much easier. Monitoring beehives have become very simple as well reliable when technology lends it’s helping hand.

Very commonly bees build their nest in a high statured places example like trees that has birds nest and in some cases heightened building walls. In order to search for nest directly, people prefer to do it by themselves in olden days.

Modern methods grants people to produce honey by alternate methods, thus by replicating natural honeycombs, synthetic alternates have been introduced. In this case of cultivation checking up on hives has become difficult because they have to wear dedicated suites to protect them from stings.

What if there is an assistance to help you make sure that your farm is safe? This is where “Beehive Monitor” comes into a highlight. Apiarist should not perform regular surveillance to hives it may cause cultivation issue and in the worst case reduced the level of honey production. Because of these issues, some keepers have to travel long distance for their bee farms.

This surveillance device is fixed to the bottom of beehive replicas so that it can send a notification to Keepers regarding the status of nests. Monitoring weight of the hive will be done by this device continuously. This information will be sent to the owner’s device at regular intervals of time.

How it Works

Advantages of beekeeping

A simplest money making activity that a person can do is beekeeping. The apiarist must have knowledge about potential beekeeping methods in order to be successful. Bees are the most desirable pollinating insects. Extensive & proper inoculation can gain more harvest of fruits, vegetables, and crops. In order to bring an efficient improvement in quantity also quality having bees nearby can help very much.

Beekeeping is considered to be a stress reliever although it may not be true the majority of apiarist says that bees reduce the stress level for them. Following a pattern of working manners is a special part of bees while looking at this it becomes educational learning for people. Honey cultivated from bees can be a healthy nutrient along with this beeswax will be the best byproduct from this activity.

Problems faced by bees

Bees require certain qualities in their environment to keep them happy & healthy. They need big space for flowers as food, as for their nests they need safe and undisturbed areas. Diseases and parasites can cause a lot of damage to bees. Parasitic tracheal mites are a big problem for them as they affect their respiratory system. Invasive plant species are considered to be the worst enemy for them.

These plants invade a place where wildflowers needed to grow so it becomes harder bees to find food. Farmers use pesticides to protect crops but on using chemicals it affect bee colonies which are nearby. Climatic conditions also affect bees in which due to extreme conditions some flowers may take time to bloom so this affects them.

How GoBuzzR Made

Various contrivances have been built to monitor beehive activity, consisting of an assortment of mechanical systems, hydraulic devices, heat sensors and oscillating cylinders, weight systems, and counting systems. Virtually all of these devices are highly imprecise and require constant maintenance. Simple sensors such as temperature probes are sometimes used to monitor colonies. Simple spring-mounted or electronic balance scales are used to weight hives.

Internet of thing and ICT intergrated with bioacoustics to provide you with a cutting-edge sensor system

How Honey Coming
To The World!

Flowers produce nectar and attract our bees

Bees collect the nectar and carry it to the beehive

Beehive collect the data & transfer it the device

We can browse the collected data via Gobuzzr Application

Types Of Bees & BeeHives

Apis mellifera

Honey baring bee is the literal translation given for Apis mellifera, it is said to be domesticated and widely spread species in the world. They are known for its striped yellow abdomen, large colony sizes and tendency to live in closely spaced like hollow trees. These species are communal hive style living beings; the European bee has human beneficial factors so they are domesticated highly. Due to being domesticated farmers breeding out their aggressive attributes and focusing on climate vitality along with honey production. For Apis mellifera, natural hindrances were the seas and oceans surrounding Western Europe up to eastern Caucasian mountains and the Middle East for the south.

Apis mellifera Liguistica

This is one of the most common sub-varieties of Apis mellifera making is the most popular variety of domesticated bee in the world. This breed has successfully survived the last ice age that is held out in Italy. Due to this survival, they developed characteristics to adopt a warmer climate. For their mellow mood and strenuous production of honey, brood, and wax they being cross-bred all over the world. These guys have the habit of thieving others honey; sometimes they join other colonies in disloyalty. If ample forage has not been available then these guys will feed on their own production of honey.

Apis Cerana

Apis Cerana is found in vast areas of North India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan. They do not produce that much of honey as they are smaller in size and least populous colonies. A huge number of varieties have been imported for the growth of the honey business. But this may affect the bees in the future. Apis Cerana has coexisted with several diseases for many years from traditional days. The greatest benefit is that it is an expert at clearing wax of brood combs, protecting it from pathogens like varroa. They respond to temperature changes which have developed defending power against large predators. This is done by surrounding large predator in a tight bunch and vibrating their wing muscles.

Warre Hives

Here, in this type of hive, bars are used instead of frames. Concerned to the portion of wooden wedges; bees build their comb naturally. It is vertically stacking top bar hive that integrates natural comb along with retention of best scent. This gigantic subject suits for everything; lower cost and low maintenance hive design are the highlighted factors. There is no need to inspect the colony frequently, it is better to go ahead with chemical-laden foundation. The overall management is done by adding extra boxes to the bottom and hence it prevents old comb from being reused.

Pros of using Warre Hives

It is the best ideal one for hands-off beekeepers. The overall management is a simple one since the box is used rather than by comb. The boxes are lighter in weight so it can be easy to handle.

Apis Dorsata

This is commonly found in South and South East Asia, It is said to be larger than other breeds. When comes to nesting they are built in hanging trees and rocky cliffs. This bee cannot be domesticated and breed inside farms but rather their honey can be harvested by climbing great heights where they have nested and cutting off the combs directly.

Top Bar Hives

The top bar hive is an ancient used style globally and it features several individual bars which are laid across a top sectional of hive cavity. The comb is built from these bars in a natural way without the use of a four-sided frame. In order to ensure combs hang vertically, bars are constructed with a wooden wedge. Along with this top bar hive, the Apiarist do not have to lift heavy boxes, purchase costlier honey extractor or use chemical foundation when administrating the colony.

One needs to lift about three to seven pound of the heaviest comb. There is no requirement of additional frames, honey supers, extractors or expensive tools. The general hive management requires frequent monitoring in each and every phase in order to ensure bees have well-defined space. Day by day the colony grows, the divider board is moved and empty bars are added too. Once the final honey harvest is completed, shrink the size of the hive cavity. Hence, there will be a small space for bees to heat during freezing weather conditions.

Pros of using Bar Hive

For the hive inspections, there is no need for heavy lifting or couching. This inspection time is completely quickly; it does not take that much of prolonged time. Bess is more submissive during inspection time and hence one can open a minute portion of the hive at a time. Combs are easy to remove without any complications.

Langstroth Hive

Langstroth hives are the most common one used in countries such as North America and Australia. The overall structure is a stacking rectangular box along with removable frames, where honey bees build a combo. Generally, the boxes come in three different depths such as deep, medium and shallow; the width is about 10 or 8 frames.

Depending on the preference of modularity and maneuverability, these factors differ. The maximum weight for deep boxes is about 80 lbs whereas for medium boxes is about 60 lbs. Shallow boxes are one used to enclose available accessories and it is not used for the expansion of hive. Its hive design is the most suitable one for better productivity of honey. The four-sided frame contains comb in a durable way.

Pros of using a Langstroth Hive?

In a Langstroth hive, unlimited accessories and upgrades are available. Due to its industrial level, hive components can be blended and matched between suppliers. Here, more resources are available when compared to other types. Typically, the four-sided frame provides 100% stability.


Past Situation

For the past 25 years, beekeepers have been reporting weakening bee numbers and colony losses, and the situation is worsening. According to the EU Reference Laboratory (EURL) for honey-bee health, some countries in the EU are losing up to a third of their colonies every year.

The most important contribution bees make to agriculture is the pollination service they provide. The direct value of honey produced in the EU is estimated at $140 million, while the value of insect pollination for agriculture has been estimated to be approximately $20 billion per year, and $153 billion worldwide.

Pollinators’ decline brings along a significant loss of pollination services, which have negative ecological and economic impacts affecting the maintenance of wild plant diversity, large-scale ecosystem stability with potentially harmful effects on crop production, food security and human welfare.

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe,
man would only have four years left to live”
Albert Einstein

Features of gobuzzr Monitor


Statistical information like weight, temperature, humidity is aggregated, and the beekeepers are allowed to quickly approach the beehives for honey collection using our device.


Using our device, measuring the enhancement of competences and crops, and hive productivity, for beekeepers has become easy.


Tracking features like tracking humidity and tracking temperature are used by beekeepers to analyze the sudden hive deaths.


As our device messages you all the necessary information, the unnecessary visits by the beekeepers have reduced which led to the reduction of transportation expenses.


Our device alerts the beekeepers with a notification or by a message, from the respective mobile application, where it gives all necessary information

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