An exclusive process of steps to explore the queen bee

In this era, most of them have the fear of honey bees and it is a common fact too. But an important point to be kept in mind is that they play a vital role mainly in the terms of the production of food. The pollination takes about a maximum of one-third of the food products that we are consuming. Gobuzzr, a precise project of the involvement of honey bees mainly designed for the farmers. As everyone knows, they do not live alone and always they live in the colonies only.

The complete accommodation takes of about sixty thousand worker bees and they are much smaller including of two hundred workers subjected to that of the bumblebees. As they have earned the name as the social insects, they work together for the entire collection and storing of the food particles later on in the upcoming days worked by the other bees. There are three major divisions of the bees in a typical colony which includes the infertile females and the worker bee

Last few decades the apiarists have experienced a huge loss in terms of hives due to the major reason of CCD. Through the beehive tracking system, the techies are working hard to spot out the reason for the disaster and how it can be solved efficiently. An in-depth analysis of audio & video recordings aids in the acquisition of complete health status. Typically, the beehive monitoring system is designed in such a manner that real-time data is sent to the cloud directly without any intermediates. The beehive tracks every bee including the queen been with the help of the sensors integrated along with the beehive monitoring system.

Interesting facts about worker bees

Broadly, the worker bees are the visible ones that can be seen by most of the people. They perform differential jobs that rely on the age factor. They are popularly known to be the nurse bees, younger ones feed bee larvae with different pollen and nectar products. Day by day, as getting older these bees to start to perform on the differential tasks too. The main first job role is in the involvement of the production of wax to develop the hive and also in the defending process which is raised against the predators.

After some days, they are turned into the foragers for the collection of nectar & pollen and bringing to the hive without any complications. Finally, regulation of the temperature takes place, cleaning of the hive and carrying of water to the hive concern too. Some of the unique bees are explored in the place of social bee colonies such as the species of the honey bee. They are typically organized by a regular and well-known caste system. First, the major and important one known to be the queen bee processes the hive.

Since it also lays the eggs for the entire colony, it is said to be that a highly privileged one. The drone bees are nothing but have the mating with that of the queen and it is present from initial late spring to that of the earlier summer season. First, it should be acknowledged that the worker bees are pointed to that of the females and it is also considered as the smallest one in the entire hive. At the same time, it is also one of the enormous groups and responsible for a smooth-running process.

They are explored in the bumble beehives and concerned hives of bees too. It is also a minimal count of 12 to the hundred of bee type. On the other side of the flip, they are quite larger concerns. The total range is about twenty thousand to the eighty thousand in an entire period. In a group of hives, the workers are raised by the queen and other differential groups are enhanced by a typical worker group. Tending towards beehive, other pointed raises to younger, new queens & drones.

Intrinsic Insights

Generally, the queen bees can be easily differentiated from the other bees by its typical appearance. It is the leader of the bee colony including the worker & drone bees. A queen should be healthier so that the complete health of the hive will be maintained. If it dies, the hive too will be eradicated, since a new queen cannot be caught instantly.

For the preservation of the bees, an apiarist should know to differentiate a queen bee from the other bees and spot once it is identified. Initially, it is most important to mark a queen by looking for the major differences in terms of behavior, location & physical characteristics too. Here, in the below-discussed points, some exciting tips are given to explore a queen bee in a shorter period.

A unique aspect

Broadly, a queen bee can be easily differentiated from the other bees just by a unique aspect of appearance. Most of the new apiarists think that the queen bee will be bigger in size. But it can vary in terms of size, just slightly larger than that of a worker bee. Obviously, it is the shape that differentiates the queen bee completely. On the other side of the flip, the abdomen and legs are too long. While comparing wings with the body, it is too short and it does not reach the end of the abdomen. The back part is bald, black in color and shiny too.


As of now, most of the apiarists depends on the color feature for the comprehensive identification of the queen bee. They have a wrong belief that queens are light color compared to that of the workers. Tending towards the exploring of an attractive mark of paint on th appearance of queens structure without any acknowledgment of the true appearance.

It can be a series of colors and its typical alluring paint can wear over-concern. Especially, finding it is based on the extracting feature of color can change the complete ability to explore a queen. Now, you have gained the knowledge to spot the queen since it is golden and also marked with the red paint, there may be no chances for spotting a queen otherwise. It is better to go ahead with an exclusive study of color, shape, movement & habits.

Differential Pattern

When a queen bee processes her way across the typical fame, it seems to move with a major purpose. It charges quickly through the several worker bees, moving out of the way leaving a highly privileged concern of the empty comb which is typically behind it. On the other side of the flip, it also creates a visual break in terms of the pattern of the hive. Some of the apiarists can able to explore the queens by intending towards the disruption process. This exclusive pattern is enhanced when it is still processed. The resting queen has a complete sphere of the worker bees in & around her. It is a similar flower-like shape, each of the workers is a petal facing of the queen in the center part.


As an important fact to be cleared in all the senses that the queen bees are involved in the process of laying eggs, more or less similar to that of exploring a queen in a nursery field. It is said to be that a feasible fact that the queen is said to be set on the exclusive frames that are completely honey. For this major reason, an individual should capture the brood frames in a careful sense particularly with the newly produced eggs on them. For the exploring of the queen, one should be more focused on it. Tending towards the hiding process of the queen in case if the colony is exposed or disturbed. The no longer of the opening hive, it is more likely to flee into a concerned corner.

Privileged ways

In some cases for the exploring of the queen and knowing that the queen is alive and well too. The major presence of the eggs directly means that there is something during the last previous days. On the other side of the flip, the uncapped brood means that it is between the four and ten days ago, rely on how the huge larvae are. If it is absolutely, marking off the differential queen there is nothing like a series of practice.

Initiate with the exterior frames

Initially, start the search term by the eradication of the exterior frames. It is mandatory to check it in a shorter period and also set it aside. This one gives a complete space to work. process it as a likely one with an exclusive role of the queen and respecting the rest. Maybe it is feasible in the exploring of the queen on the end frame, it is completely a rate one. Ideally, the queen says closer to the center position of the frame that includes some brood too.

Hence, the sliding of the frames into the concerned space until it reaches the edge of the brood concern. A person should see through the area of just the honey product, exploring some cells filled with the brood that contains the recent concern. There are many notifications for the filling of pollen, just lift these typical ones and scan for the queen bee too.

Scan for the next!!

While scanning the frame, something different should be explored which does not fit the pattern too. The queen bee is no longer a typical abdomen type and it always stands apart too. It has the ability to move faster and part the way she goes. Once, it is stopped the group stands facing it. An individual can spot for the recording of activities.