Affiliate sensor technology for superior inspection of hives

Generally, dedicated apiarists know the importance of regular inspection of honey bees in order to assess their health. It is also essential to take note that one can retrieve vital data about bee colonies by gaining a deeper knowledge about their behavior and how it changes within hive inspection. In today’s era, most of the researchers are exploring Smart Hives, an enhanced sensor technology; they are evaluating with the aid of different systems right from the comfort of a desk to monitor health.

Generally, preserving the honey bee is a great challenging one of modern beekeeping. The smart beehive monitoring system helps to eradicate the burden of the apiarists. Here, the smart sensors are integrated along with the Gobuzzr monitoring system to inspect the bee’s health, temperature variations, the weight of the beehive, humidity conditions, etc. The instant notifications will be sent to the beehive monitoring app. The IoT remote monitoring device records the data in real-time. 

Impact of environment affects bees

As every one of us knows that honey bees as an important keystone species, fertilizing an estimated seventy percent of plants & underpinning about thirty percent of food supply globally. Since the sustainability of beehives is a significant predictor of agriculture, reports have been declined in a huge number of colonies each and corner of the world have stimulated considerable alarm. Most of the scientist & public policymakers are focused on gaining knowledge this typical productivity has been associated with several criteria. Global warming has increased overall growth rates of pathogens such as mites & fungi.

Major Key factors to be monitored in bee colony

The population of bees should be examined frequently since only strong bee colony can take care of them in a proper manner. Next, the age of the bee queen should not be older than three years. There are many chances for a bee colony infected with varroa, viruses, etc; hence its overall health of bee colony should be checked. If there is lack of food, then it automatically lead to poor development of bees, so both the quantity & quality of food should be examined.

Connection of Beekeepers & Hives

Scanning of bees

Tracking connection has officially crossed into the world of beekeeping. Observing of honey bee colonies and their hive conditions using digital sensor technology is a challenging way to manage beehives. This actually allows beekeepers to stay connected with their hives and to respond to their needs. Digital sensors note the process of hives about what is happening inside and alert beekeepers. This process is called as “smart hives” where it makes a way to beekeepers leverage technology to enact better management practice.

Working of Sensor Technology

Beekeeping is one of the important agricultural activities where it evolves more time. Initially, digital sensors are placed underneath to track inspect several factors such as hive weight, outside temperature including humidity. Along with reliable products, the apiarist can download data at the hive, upload it to the cloud database and so it becomes available anywhere and anytime. This kind of modern technology helps to optimize general hive management including decision making, it has other advantages too. The sensors have a greater ability to examine weight changes in an efficient manner.

There is a loop of other systems that automatically that consolidate sensor inside of hives which collect details about conceptual elements such as internal hive temperature, relative humidity including another system that tracks traffic at the entry point of the hive. To add it in a nutshell, most of the systems are still on the exorbitant side for use in each and every hive. Since sensor data has a greater potential to replace most of the visits to the bee house, hope it will be perfected as soon as possible & become the right equipment for modern beekeeping too.