Acquire exclusive information about Honey Bee Declination

Generally, honey bees play a vital role in this healthier environment & economic concern too. Mostly, the folks depend on the bees and insects as these are involved in the pollination of fruits and vegetables. Gobuzzr, an initiative project is involved to save bees and to help the farmers to gain a better production.
As of now, they are under threat & without them, there is no base for the food economy. The people in their own interest can harvest a garden and community which is bee-friendly too. On the other side of the flip, it is also important to approach the government officials to take the right action.

Typically, a system provides accurate readings, whenever there is an increase or decrease in the weight of the beehive. At the same time, interior hive readings are also provided without any complications for modern beekeeping. The main job role of the apiarist is to integrate the data which is completely integrated from the hive inspection. The observations are processed in a keen way such as making note of queen presence, bee compact space, etc. By integrating with the AI, ML the encrypted data can be determined efficiently. If the apiculturists start to adopt IoT device monitoring, then major of the bee population can be saved easily.

Without bees, everything comes to an end

Everyone is aware that a majority population of species has been declined for the past decades. If it continues, most of the important crops globally would fail and it affects the food chain of humans & other species. The saddened part is that they are disappearing at a faster rate due to the excessive usage of pesticides and certain parasites that can reproduce in the bee colonies.

If the extinction of the bees is true then obviously it is the end era of humanity. The fact is that if the bees do not exist then the humans would also not exist. Most of the folks think that the bee’s main role is to keep buzzing around and also leave the formic acid laden stings & since it said to be that they are annoying. But the bitter truth is that they are the crucial elements and never catch the credit too.

Important Facts

Generally, there are about twenty thousand different species all over the world & about only four thousand in the regional parts of the U.S. From the year 2008, the apiarists typically in the U.S & Europe are reporting a complete hive loss of about thirty percent or higher too. It is said that about one in five wild honey bee species in several parts of the U.S is at a greater risk of extinction.

The other reasons for the decline of bees include habitat fragmentation, typical use of the Neonicotinoid pesticides & more chances of the climatic changes too. Its effect have already in the dense forests of Europe and the deserts in Africa and the Arctic circle. The broader type of bees including the carpenter bees, bumblebees, mining bee & mason have already started vanishing in differential concern.

Colony Collapse Disorder & its Impact

Broadly, the bee colony collapse disorder kills the overall worker bees which are thriving to search for the food; it just not come back. In the last half-decade, the total number of honey bees in the parts of the United States is reduced to about forty-percent from about six million to about three million. About one-third of the bees also lost their lives during the winter month. This one almost doubles the rate of about twenty percent eradication in a healthy colony. Here, the overall crisis is escalating too.

About three years back, it is reported that about honey bee apiarists lost about forty-four percent of the colonies unexpectedly. This one turned up about forty-two percent in the year 2015 & about thirty-nine percent in the year 2014. A greater crash in the historical record proved that the apiarists lost an enormous amount of bees in the summer season compared to that of the winter. In case if this continues without an end, then the honey bees will completely disappear by the year 2035. The major issues started in the year in the early 1980s. That was the time when the blood-sucking mites entered the US & weakened the immune system too.

Implications of economic status

The intended western honeybee is the world’s top-most pollinator species. There was a great demand for the typical services subjected to the fruit & vegetable growers. Both the nut and the almond growers have a great need for pollination. Its total demand is about a hundred crop species which is about one-third of the diet process. In the U.S farming industry, the entire bee pollination is about fifteen billion dollars.

Due to the disruption factor, the prices have dramatically raised for nuts, fruits & greens, etc. In California, the pollination fees have tripled than one’s imagination. In the year 2003, the apiarists have charged the almond producers to about fifty-two dollars per hive. By the year 2009, the price has been rose to one hundred and sixty hives. But as of now, the charge fee has been enhanced to the tow hundred dollars a hive. This greater disorder also affected the meat and dairy industry too. It automatically raised the cost of the feedstock too.

Major reasons for Colony Collapse

About ten years back, this gigantic disorder was examined as a serious threat. The scientists have already proved that the viruses, fungicides are greatly dangerous to the mites. In the year 2013, the insecticides lowered the bee’s immune system.

The chemicals can be of any type such as the clothianidin and imidacloprid etc. A later study report also examines that the bees are more addicted to the nicotine subjected pesticides. They are all used in the corn crop too & pesticides are major reasons for the bee colony collapse. This one negatively impacts the bird, sanctuary wildlife too.

The process happening is that the bees pick the chemical substances and it stores it in the nectar and pollen. At the same time, it also brings the poison too, stored in the hive, affecting the complete immune system leading to more health complications. Finally, it is more susceptible to the parasites too.

Of course, there will be a solution to the problem where the apiarists can follow more breeding of the bees. Partitioning of the hives takes place in both the spring and summer season. The cultivation of the orchard, bumblebees is also possible, but it is more expensive.

Major effects of bee extinction

The gigantic catastrophic obsolete affects the plants, animals, availability of fuels and topography, etc. In some of the plants, the pollination process takes place through the wind, but its rate is deadly slow. To add it to a nutshell, the beetles & butterflies can also pollinate but the primary pollinator is the insect. Comparable to the insects, the bees are the efficient ones for the pollination process.

Without the bees, fruits & vegetables such as apples, cherries, cucumbers, pumpkins, etc are not possible to grow. If the bees are antiquated, there is an enormous decline in the overall production of crops. On the other side of the flip, crops such as rice & wheat do not require insect pollination; but it is not possible to survive only by eating rice and chapattis.


Next, is the herbivores such as the cow, goat, horses & deer, etc which typically depend on the several plant species, will be completely affected initially and they get vanished if the green concerns are ceased to the existing. Mostly cattle rely on the milk & meat depending on the alfalfa & lupin which again depends on the insect pollination.

If there is any change in the food supply, both meat & milk production will decrease. This one automatically affects the human diet too leading to severe health issues. Due to the diminished population of the herbivores, the carnivores also begin to suffer instantly. Here, the scavengers such as the eagles, vultures & ravens, etc are the beneficiaries.


The apparels also greatly depend on the pollination process. If the bees are disturbed it leads to a great loss in the cotton production & reduces choices too in the clothing sense.


A crucial situation has been raised in most of the parts of the world where the plants are unable to grow, grasslands becoming barren & also desertification taking place in a huge sense. The saddest part of the news is that desertification also enhancing day by day. Our living home earth is an enormous plastic laden desert.

Human Life

If the food crop production goes to the minimal state, it turns towards the famine state globally. Then hunger and poverty will be prevailing each corner of every location. The freshwater will also start to eradicate as there will be a minimum number of trees too. With the reduced water and food, the people will suffer & die in starvation. Fertility lags a step behind, which is followed by an eradication in the rate of reproduction too. To crown it all, there is a greater difficulty in sustainability & forced to extinction to complete a hundred years too.

Summing up!!

From the above-discussed points, it is clear that honeybees are like our souls, without it our life will have completely vanished. Typically, survival depends on the intended health of the planet & its surrounding species too. It is mandatory to take instant measures to save the bees & the planet’s survival is in doubt too. The robotic bees concept also was examined but it won’t work out in any realistic situation. Hence, we everyone should come forward to process the concern steps towards the saving of honey bees.