The greater impact of honey bees and their evident future

Generally, the honey bees either can be of domestic or wild accomplish about eighty percent of the pollination globally. They are the minute fascinating creatures and have been explored for about twenty-five million years ago which are subjected to the natural environment. If there is no existence of the honeybees, then the environment will be completely diminished.

For each day, the total count can be of three hundred million flowers. They are the minute In this era, the saving of bees is a great job and each & every one of us should involve in it. Gobuzzr, an intensive project exclusive for the farmers whose main target is to increase the overall productivity. It is a mandatory one to save our environment and should not lose it in any situation.

Generally, IoT technology integrated with beehive monitoring helps the apiarists to track the health of the beehive. Here, the real-time data signal helps to save the endangered bees which are directly connected to the food supply chain. Only if the hive is in healthier conditions, it can produce more honey and gain weight. In modern beekeeping, an apiarist can easily detect the identification of weight loss & its crucial difference from one hive to another. Hence, through IoT monitoring devices saving bees is feasible from different external factors. In case, if there is a sudden increase in the weight of the beehive, then one can easily understand that some changes have been gone through it. Hence instant checking is mandatory.

Importance of Honey Bees

Without the bees, there is no possibility for the existence of the flowering plants and vice versa. A list of differential plants including the animal species is explored in a concerned area. Here, the biodiversity is related to the stable environment and creates a greater possibility for unique specializations. When the beekeeping takes place in the forest, the apiarists will be more interested in the preservation of the forests, providing better pollination too.

Significance of bees

As the population is increasing day by day, more food is needed which must be both diverse & balanced to ensure better progress of humankind. The honey bees provide high-quality food items such as honey and pollen etc. The products in the health care indulge of beeswax & honey bee venom etc. Most of the world’s food production depends on the pollination process. Starting from the traditional days, huge crops depend on different pollinators such as fruits, vegetables & oilseeds, etc.

They play a vital role in overall agricultural production & enhancing the quality factor too. These tiny bees are mainly subjected to the ecological balance & biodiversity in nature too. By the complete pollination process, food production is a feasible one. By processing the above-mentioned ones, protecting & maintaining of plant species & tending towards the genetic & biotic diversity is at its peak. They act as an indicator exclaiming everything related to the environment & an apt action is taken too. By gaining a deeper knowledge about the health of the bees it is feasible to make sure that the precautionary measures are taken at the right time.

Medicinal usage

Broadly, the honeybee product’s usage from a collective species subjected to medical purposes is well defined. Its lists of properties are widely known; both the royal jelly & bee venom are used in all the senses. The solitary characteristics are greatly consumed for its pharmaceutical preparations & pollen material is used for the protein-rich nutritional type. Additionally, the honey is of the biggest medicinal value and has a greater reputation too when compared to that of others. Nowadays, most of the folks are preferring for the honey from the concerned stingless bees due to its specialized medicinal properties.

An important point to be noted that honey can be used for any kind of burn & the deeper wounds due to its higher concentration of the sugar & natural antibiotic activity that abolishes bacteria. It also can be used for any kind of external sores, sore throats & gastric infections. It has all the capabilities to remove the dead skin & allowing it to heal naturally without any artificial senses. Next healing of the bedsores & leg ulcers is also possible without any complications in a shorter interval. To crown it all, they are used in the therapeutically subjected to the alignment steps.

Major Threats

As everyone knows the honey bees known to be the social insects, the most important ones for the planet. Their main role is to indulge in the pollination & produce honey too. As of now, they are facing some threats too which are too dangerous. The habitat should be in the right sense so that the bees are healthier. Sufficient space is needed with more flowers for the food indulging of the undisturbed concerned location for the nests. In the winter season, they should be completely protected from severe cold & wind. Mostly, the bees get sick due to the occurrence of parasites. In some cases, the bees cannot be able to reproduce too.

When the infection is enhanced then it may even lead to death too. The mites may affect the respiratory system, eradicating the air supply & making it impossible to breathe. On the other side of the coin, the plant species are also creating a huge impact. They typically take over the resources and it becomes difficult for the bees to explore food. In this era, most of the farmers are using some chemicals exclusively for the protection of crops.

In turn, they cause some complicated health issues such as nervous system failure, muscle spam automatically leading to death. Scientifically, it is proved that the climatic changes are also impacting the bees in many ways. It has bought an intended weather event affecting the duration period from the initial time to the blooming process.

Best solutions

Preserving bee habitat

The major issue concerned with bees evolving around the world is that there is no proper habitat which is mainly due to intended urban sprawl. In case if there is no well-defined green space, then go ahead for planting a bee garden or initiate a habitat corridor with wildflowers. There is no need for a huge space to save the bees in balconies & flowers can be planted in public areas. By indulging with the local bodies, advocating sensible limits is also a feasible one.

Banning of dangerous pesticides

A series of harmful things such as pesticides, fertilizers & herbicides are detrimental to the bees. The pesticides are used to keep the bees way & endanger lives too. For treating the ecological space, go ahead with the organic pesticide options especially at the night times, the duration when will be the pollinators are at the stage of least active. Another idea opted for is the use of the mantises & ladybugs in the garden. Avoiding the chemicals is the best choice as the most dangerous one to the bees.

Proceed on with bee-friendly ecological space

Typically, flowers help in the feeding of bees including other valuable pollinators. As the hybrid flowers are sterile & it won’t have any nectar or pollen it is better to avoid these types of flowers. The double flowers do not have any pollen, hence just skip it. Next, the blooming factor should not be missed at any cause. It is essential to plant the flowers in patches types as the bees target only flower type at a time. An undisturbed plot suits the best for ground-nesting bees.

Constructing homes for native bees

As everyone knows bees are the solitary creatures where most of them live in the background & few of them live in the hollow stems. It is said to be that most of the bumblebees build a nest in a clear land. Hence an idea is fostered here is that an untouched plot of land should be kept separately in the garden area. Mostly, the mason bees occupy residential areas & pollinate in and around the garden.

Supporting local apiarists

An individual can make a huge difference in supporting of apiarist in a concerned area. They work hard to foster the bees & shape the community of both bees & humans alike. It is greatly recommended to buy the beeswax products and locally produced honey. On the other side of the flip, it is used to create soaps, lotions & candles too. To gain more information such as volunteer support and donations needed one can contact the apiarist societies.

The great need for trees

As everyone knows most of the bees are indulged themselves in the perennials. They also get the nectar from the trees only. It also provides thousands of blossoms too. Here, the gigantic trees are not only the food source but it is also a greater essential one for the bee’s habitat too. They are the gradual nesting material & best shelters too.

But now, there is a greater rise in deforestation, an individual can aid in the support of the bee habitats just by interconnecting of plant parties in a concerned location. Another type of activity carried on globally known to be the creation of the bee bath. Filling a bowl with water, arranging with the pebbles & stones so that they can have water while taking a break from the foraging.

Bee Friendly

When the bees are treated in the right sense, they are the best neighbors. In case if they are disturbed, then it cannot be controlled. Typically, the apiarists wear the intensive protective clothing type while going towards them. At any cause do not flap the hands, if its presence is nearer. It is better to move on slowly while approaching them or it will attack severely.