How Rolls Royce made a fortune this pandemic despite no car production?

Almost, we have come at the end of 2020!! This year has shaken our entire world due to the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19. Most of the car companies started looking for alternative options to keep their business in their active state. Where some of them have moved to the mask, sanitizers, ventilator & hand wash solution production.

Busy bees in the cottage of Rolls-Royce!!

The well-known luxurious car maker Rolls-Royce has invested an enormous amount of money in the production of honey ‘World’s most exclusive honey’; By April 2020, they have initiated harvesting honey on the forty-two acre Goodwood Apiary. This one also helps in the complete conservation of Britain’s bee population.

Due to the sudden & unexpected outbreak of Covid-19, Rolls-Royce has suspended their car production in March 2020. Now, honey production is going on the right track & British manufacturers have claimed 2,50,000 bees. It is going to create an unexpected production report in the upcoming days. A sweet surprise to everyone!! A series of six hives are named the Phantom, Wraith, Dawn Cullinan, Ghost & Spirit of Ecstasy.

Working with local apiarists!!

A few months back, Rolls-Royce has announced the quarter-million bees that buzz in and around the premises and in a state of better health conditions too. It is expected to produce more honey in the next year. Typically, the luxurious car producer is working with the local apiarists for honey production. Initially, the honey is served to the consumers who arrive for the delivery of the car. Speaking about the cost factor, it points to nearly $300,000.

In the global place of amazing beekeeping, the rivalry between Rolls-Royce & Bentley is continuing without any break. In the year 2019, Bentley has built enormous hives for about 1,20,000 hives in England. Regarding annual calculation, they have made for about thirty-three pounds subjected to nearly 50 jars. On the other side of the flip, Ford is caring about eighty-thousand bees. In this era, fifty-percent of the automakers are home to the bees as they are endangered in most parts of the world.

Striking Apiary project

As everyone knows, the honeybees are the main pollinators of different tree, plant species. The Apiary project is processed in and around the home of Rolls-Royce. In recent years, due to habitat loss, the bee count is under high pressure. Here, the lockdown may be a partial remedy too. The people staying within the National Park boundaries are requested to plant wildflowers in the gardens & estate areas.

Our uniqueness!!

Gobuzzr, a standard IoT-based firm in Chennai, has created many records in the project of Smart beehive Monitoring System. A top-notch invention to know the conditions of beehive regarding weight, temperature & humidity. The data is communicated to the mobile app and web portal. This project is mainly carried on to improve the productivity and income of beekeepers & farmers.

Communication is possible with both Android & iOS through the website based server. With the aid of sensors, monitoring the weight of the beehive is processed. During the regular periodic intervals, an automatic message will be sent to the apiarists regarding the weight of the beehive. For more updates, refer to our website instantly!!