Raw Unpasteurised Chichiri Honey

Harvested in the month of October from tiny hamlets dotting the Chamba and Kashmir border, this extremely rare honey has rich medicinal values from the nectar of the Indian borage. Very light, and delicate, this honey has a tendency to crystallise in colder temperatures.

Chichiri is like a secret revealed on a full moon night witnessed by a pearl river and an oyster bay. It is like the firefly meeting the elusive pimpernel. Very floral, an essence you would crave glazed on a cake, it has the freshness of a latent morning mist that splashes on your face and is extremely flavoursome.

Chichiri is all about Innocence.

Harvested from Altitude: 10000 ft.

Gift Orders (>10 pieces): ₹1439.

Weight: 275 g.