Smart beehive monitoring & tracking system

smart beehive monitoring

About Us

Gobuzzr is the king of the bee world and innovative technology for the future. We mainly aim to solve the complicated issues of bee death, colony collapse to attain the economic well-being of human beings globally. At Gobuzzr, we have adopted sustainable practices to preserve sustainability and maintain a well-established connection with the healthier ecosystem. Our mission is to integrate scalable techniques with top-notch expertise and bring robust technologies to execute your ideas successfully. Gobuzzr has developed an in-built IoT innovative system that involves sensors to enhance apiculture outcomes. Our timely decisions have helped the apiarists to increase productivity, save the beehives and manage the intended operations.

Who we are

GoBuzzr is a feature-focussed startup looking for revolution in the field of bee farming. As an innovative startup founded by three energetic people having more than 12 years of experience in the field of Information Technology and Internet of Things, we save the environment by connecting IoT to bee farming.


Kapil Dev Founder & CEO


Jessy Dcurz Marketing Manager


Suresh Jambunathan Technical Officer

gobuzzr beehive monitoring

Our Vision

Our vision is to create strong eco-system by enhancing bees and honey production through technology. To impart knowledge in the most productive way, to instill interest in society by transforming the process of apiculture.

Our Mission

Create awareness and provide opportunities to farm and local community level to increase the incomes of small and large-scale farmers.

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